10 Off the beaten track SNOW RESORTS

When most people think of a Skiing or Snowboarding vacation, they usually toss up between the European Alps, the USA (more then likely Colorado), Canada (probably the Rockies or Whistler) or possibly Japan & New Zealand. Next time think out of the Box, here comes 10 Snow Mountains in places that you would never have guesed!

1. Gulmarg Ski Resort, Kashmir INDIA

When you think of India, you generally think of bright colours, monsoon and HEAT. But that is just the surface. The Northern parts of India, sit nestled in the Himalayas, yep you got it the Himalayas, home to the tallest peaks on the planet, in fact the only ones that rise above 8000 meters.

Gulmarg is not for the faint hearted, this one is for the advanced and expert skiers and riders. While your there it is worth absorbing the amazing culture that greater India has to offer.

Sandy out Great White
Source: Flickr Sunstone Adventures