4 Of The Best Vacations Spots You’ve Never Heard Of

Do you want a truly unique vacation experience? Yes? Then you are in luck. These four unique, magical and best kept secret vacation places on our list will surely satisfy the adventurer in you.

So without further adieu and in no particular order, here are 4 of the best vacation places you’ve never heard of.

1. Puri Lumbung, Bali


source: tripadvisor

The Lumbung Cottages of Puri Lumbung in Bali were formerly rice granaries that were so integral to the farmers of Indonesia. As time passed and technology progressed, the techniques done in the farming industry made the lumbung rice granaries obsolete.  Today, the Puri Lumbung rice granaries serves as one of a kind accommodations at the Puri Lumbung Resort.

In Puri Lumbung Resort, one can enjoy nature at its finest. And if seclusion is what you want, then the Puri Lumbung Resort is the perfect place to be. The Resort also offers cottages for the whole family to enjoy. There’s also a jungle cabin and villas as well as private verandas. If you want to go on hiking or jugging, the north Bali and Munduk are perfect for the activity. And with its breathtaking sceneries, tropical rain forests, and amazing rice terraces, one would really wonder if Puri Lumbung is the lost Eden.