5 Best Expedition Sites in South America

There are so many expedition sites around the globe that offers outdoor travelers an adventure of a lifetime. And among the best expedition sites that can be explored and experienced on the planet can be found in South America. The famous Machu Picchu expedition site in South America’s Cusco region is just an example of how great and archaeologically rich South America is when it comes to its natural and man-made wonders. So, if you want to go on an expedition, then, why not travel to South America. It can be the perfect place for you to unleash the outdoor adventurer in you. Below are 5 of the best expedition sites in South America that every adventurer can add to their expedition site bucket list.

5 Best Expeditions in South America

1. Peninsula Valdes in Patagonia


Source: theadventurejunkies

Declared by the UNESCO as a World Heritage Site, the Peninsula Valdes in Patagonia in an unbelievable and breathtaking expedition site that will make every adventurer appreciate the wonders of Mother Nature. Rich in wildlife and beautiful lagoons, the Peninsula Valdes is also a calving ground for the Southern Right Whale. The best way to enjoy the majestic grandeur of Peninsula Valdes is to go on a kayak adventure where you can paddle right next to the Southern Right Whales during the day. Then, as the sun sets into the horizon and the night slowly creeps in, you can relax and camp on the Peninsula’s secluded and private beaches where you can enjoy and appreciate Patagonia’s natural wonder.