5 Best Theme Parks for Families

Theme parks are the best place to bring kids and the kids at heart. It offers plenty of attractions as well as great rides and unforgettable food that each member of the family can enjoy. So if you are planning on bringing your family to a theme park adventure, here are 5 theme parks that every family can enjoy.

5 Best Theme Parks for Families

1. Legoland California, Carlsbad


source: lego.wikia

Just an hour north of San Diego is the famous Legoland theme park. It boasts of more than 60 rides, shows, and attractions that do not only cater to adults but most especially to kids even as young as 2 years old. Legoland is considered as one of the most child friendly theme park in the U.S. In fact, of all the rides that the park offers, only two rides require kids to be 3 feet taller. Legoland adventure is also a great way to enhance kids’ imagination and feed their obsessions. In Legoland theme park, your kids will also surely enjoy the Duplo Village, Lego Movie Experience, Volvo Driving School, Kiddie Dinosaur Coaster, and the Royal Joust.