5 Best Treks in the World

BE WARNED, these treks on our list are not for the faint of hearts!

Trekking these places needs a sturdy pair of lungs, strong pair of feet, and great amount of preparation as well as great motivation. But if trekking is really your passion, then going on a trekking adventure to one of these sites will be an experience that you’ll surely treasure for a lifetime. In no particular order, here are the 5 best treks in the world that you can visit.

5 Best Treks in the World

1. GR20, France


source: exodus.co

The GR20 in France is a demanding 15-day 168km trekking adventure that links Calenzana, Balagne, Conca, and Porto Vecchio. The diversity of landscapes that this 168km trekking adventure offers to trekkers and adventurers alike are its beautiful forests, windswept craters, granite moonscapes, torrents, glacial lakes, snow capped peaks, and peat bogs. While trekking GR20 is considered a great challenge because of its slippery rocks and steep bridges, professional hikers still considers this challenge as all part of the fun.