5 Ski Towns Where You Can Enjoy Fall Colors

Image source: Flickr - Jukie Bot

Enjoy the season for tangerine-tinted maples and oaks. It’s the most colorful time of the year! And these 5 ski towns offers you the opportunity to enjoy the Fall colors as they are surrounded by beautiful shades of orange, red, and yellow as leaf-peeping season kicks into full swing.

1. Wachusett Mountain, Massachusetts

Image source: Flickr - Jukie Bot
Image source: Flickr – Jukie Bot

Apparently there are ski hills in Massachusetts. The skiing may not be great, but the fall foliage is — so hop aboard one of Wachusett Mountain’s Scenic Sky Rides on weekends this September and October and see some of the best leaves in New England. Bonus — almost every fall weekend, the resort is also hosting a festival, including their 32nd annual Apple Fest this October 17-18, featuring canon-fired pumpkins among the entertainment offerings.

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