6 Of The Best Street Food Cities in the World

Where do you get the best tasting tacos, noodles, and different kinds of extraordinary and mouth watering gourmet delicacies that you want to try? The answer, in the streets. Around the world, different countries offer different kinds of street foods. While others prefer street foods like the famous tacos of Mexico, others prefer food that even in your wildest dream would never dare to eat. Here are our picks for the world’s 6 best street food cities.

Top 6 Street Food Cities in the World (In no particular order)

1. Bangkok, Thailand


source: nytimes

Every sidewalk in the city of Bangkok in Thailand has a food stall in it. Everyday just after the sun sets, the streets of Bangkok is literally transformed into the biggest street food market in the world. Different array of noodles, meat, and vegetable dishes are all sold here for the most available price and for just $3 USD, you can enjoy 3 courses of Bangkok’s best.

The best place to taste Bangkok’s best street foods are:

  • Chinatown
  • Nang Loeng Market
  • Side streets around the backpackers’ haven of Khao San Road
  • Saochingcha neighborhood
  • SoiRambutri across from the Viengtai Hotel
  • Aw Taw Kaw