7 Amazing Philippines Places That Look Like Famous Destinations Around the World

5. Sitangkai, Tawi-Tawi = Venice, Italy and Bangkok’s Floating Markets


source: rappler

If you want to experience a Venice-inspired tour while you are visiting the Philippines, all you have to do is to travel to Mindanao in the island of Sitangkai in Tawi-Tawi. Here, you will know the reason why this place is called the “Venice of the South.” Home to the Sibutu, Tausug, and Sama Dilaut tribes of the Philippines, this sword shaped island has wide canals that serve as a main gateway to the municipality. Just like the Venetian canals, you can also cruise along the canals of Sitangki and also observe the footbridges that connect both sides of the community. Sitangki will also remind you of another tourist destination, the floating markets of Bangkok.