7 Beaches to Visit before You Die

The warm heat of the sun, white sands, clear blue waters – are these on your wish list?

If yes, then maybe it’s time for that long and overdue vacation that you’ve been planning for so long. So, pack your bags, prepare your swimsuits and tanning lotions because we’re giving you a list of some of the best places with amazing beaches that you need to visit. Here are seven of them.

7 Beaches to Visit before You Die:

1. Maldives


source: touropia

If you want the picture perfect postcard beach, then Maldives is the answer. This tropical paradise with its beautiful white sands and turquoise colored waters is the most desired destination for vacation goers around the world. The 1,000 tiny islands that make up this incredible and stunning archipelago is also perfect when one wants to experience the colorful collection of marine lives that are native to the place. While the price of a Maldives getaway may not come cheap, the experience and everything that you have been imagining about what paradise looks like will be satisfied once you set foot on the beaches of Maldives.