7 Tips on How to get a Good Night’s Sleep When Hiking

Going on a hiking adventure is a great way to reconnect with Mother Nature. It is also a great stress reliever. But in order to complete all the daily activities that you have been planning for your hiking getaway, the body also require abundant amount of rest. And what better way to rest the body than to have a good night’s sleep under the heavens. So weather you are an experienced hiker or just a newbie, here are some helpful tips on how to get a good night’s sleep when hiking.

7 Tips on How to get a Good Night’s Sleep When Hiking

TIP 1: Consume Some Fat


Source: bikepacking

Sleeping bags, blankets, and other heating devices are all important in keeping the body warm when one dreams of sleeping under the stars. But the most important tip to remember to really make sure that you will have a goodnight sleep during your hiking expedition is that your last meal before retiring for the night should be robust and fatty.

Having a robust and fatty meal allows the body to produce more heat. It doesn’t mean that you need to bring with you pork chops or steaks on the trail. Adding a good amount of butter in your chocolate drink will do the trick.