8 Destination Ideas for Adventurers on a Budget

Do you want to go on adventure but you are short on budget? Well, don’t worry because you can still do. There are places in the U.S. and around the globe that doesn’t need much cash for you to travel. You can go to these places and still have the time of your lives and great memories that will last a lifetime.

Here are 8 Ideas for Ideal Destinations for Adventures on a Budget

1. Southeast Asia


source: gqtrippin

In South East Asia, every place is an adventure just waiting to be explored.

The only setback in going to the countries in South East Asia is the flight tickets. But once you are there, you can practically and literally go on great adventure without spending that much cash. According to surveys conducted annually by TripAdvisor’s Trip Index, three of the top ten’s most affordable international destinations are located in South East Asia. These countries are Vietnam (#2), Thailand (#6), and Malaysia (#7).

If food adventure is your thing, you can feast to your heart’s content for less than $20 USD in the streets of Vietnam. If you love to party, then you can party from dusk till dawn in the legendary Full Moon parties of Thailand. In Malaysia, you can snap perfect pictures of places that you only see in postcards.