8 of the Best Places To Go Shark Cage Diving

Image from: sharkdivers.blogspot.com

Shark cage diving! It’s one of those adventure activities that elicits strong reactions from people. Mention shark cage diving and the response is one of awe and excitement, utter fear, or mild to strong disapproval – as can be expected from an extreme activity involving close encounters with this fearless and feared predator.

Interestingly, the shark cage itself was invented by shark attack survivor Rodney Winston Fox, who was attacked during a spearfishing contest off Australia and needed a whopping 450 stitches. Not only that, but he still has part of a shark tooth embedded in his wrist! Rodney built the cage to learn more about his jagged-tooth assailants and he is now regarded as one of the world’s foremost authorities on Great Whites. In fact, he’s still running expeditions to this day!

We have below our top 8 choices  as the best places to go shark cage diving.


Image from: sharkdivers.blogspot.com
Image from: sharkdivers.blogspot.com

1. Tiger Beach, Bahamas
If you’ve already earned your cage diving stripes and you’re looking for a new terrifying twist, try Tiger Shark cage free diving in the Bahamas. Yes, that’s right – cage FREE! In this deep sea scenario, you’ll dispense with the cage altogether! Eek! Although Tiger Sharks can be curious in the water and must be approached with a great deal of respect, cage free diving with these creatures is apparently perfectly possible. If you’ve got the daring, we’ve got the details.

When to Go: Trips are set to run in April, May and June.

Price Tag: The trips last for 7 days and cost USD $3,300 (£2,015) per person including all onboard living expenses.

Operator: Shark Diver. The vessels in the Shark Diver fleet feature a range of accommodations from private air-conditioned staterooms, to every other diving amenity you and or your groups will need. All vessels have dedicated air system for shark cage operations, service the largest shark cages available and have full time experienced great white crews. These guys know sharks.