9 of USA’s Most Stunning Waterfalls

Image source: Flickr - Michael Matti

To name only 9 of America’s stunning waterfalls can be a tough one because each falls is stunning and beautiful in their own unique ways. Almost all of America’s National Parks have stunning waterfalls to boost off, but since I cannot enumerate them all, I’m gonna list 9 of my favorite waterfalls, in no particular order.

So here it is…9 of USA’s Most Stunning Waterfalls!


1. Multnomah Falls – Oregon

Image source: Flickr - Michael Matti
Image source: Flickr – Michael Matti

This breathtaking waterfall is made up of two falls, the upper one at 542 feet tall and the lower one at 69 feet tall. I did a 6-mile hike that went to the top of the falls and all around this remarkable area. The hike passed several other waterfalls, but Multnomah was definitely the most spectacular. There is a reason Multnomah Falls is the most visited natural attraction in all of Oregon.