These 8 Treacherous Treks Should Satisfy Your Thirst for Challenge

Be warned, these 8 treks on our list are no joke and it is recommended for experienced hikers only that are in great shape and have been hiking for the longest time. For the not so-experienced hikers, it is best that a professional hiker be with you throughout the journey if you wish to go on trekking to these sites. Great preparation as well as good understanding of the terrain should NEVER be taken for granted if one wishes to conquer any of these treacherous treks.

Here are 8 Treacherous Treks that Should Satisfy Your Thirst for Challenge

1. Mount Rainier, WA


source: fineartamerica

As of the latest tally, 87 climbers have died while trying to reach the summit of Mount Rainier. The beginning of the climb may start out easy. But don’t get your hopes up. As you slowly ascend, the nightmarish and deadly winter breeze that blows off the Pacific Ocean without warning is the real danger of this trek. That’s not all; Mount Rainier is also an active volcano.