Top 7 Countries for Outdoor Adventure Travel

Do you love the great outdoors and you want to have the adventure of a lifetime? If yes, then here are our top 7 countries for adventure travel that you need to visit.

Top 7 Countries for Outdoor Adventure Travel (In No Particular Order)

1. Australia


source: pcwallart

Australia is a country that is packed with different types of outdoor activities. Surfing, kayaking, windsurfing, jet skiing, speed boating and sailing are just some of the water sports that Australia offers its visitors. If you are just new to surfing, do not worry because there are plenty of surfing schools that teaches you the basics of surfing. You could also try visiting the Great Barrier Reef, climb Ayer’s Rock or the Blue Mountains, take a drive down the Great Ocean Road or head to Tasmania. This will complete your grand tour of the country.

For those who are more into inland ventures, you can always try trekking the Outback. You can also go biking, camping, spelunking, and balloon rides.