USA’s Top 15 Coolest Towns To Visit

Image source: Flickr - Adrian MB

We’ve seen many lists of small towns to visit in America but most of them didn’t really tell us why it’s cool to visit those towns. Good thing Matador Network have this list – 20 coolest towns to visit in the US, which specifies what’s cool about the cities they included on the list. Most of those cities are listed because of the “people” in the community which will make your visit a worthy one. Those cities have world class food to offer, the music scene are still very much alive, colorful festivals, have historic buildings and with smaller population than those big cities you can think of first when you plan your vacation.

We pick our top 15 choice of the coolest towns to visit in America…

1. Athens, Ohio

Image source: Flickr - Adrian MB
Image source: Flickr – Adrian MB

Athens is a progressive oasis in the western Allegheny foothills, known for its music scene, massive street festivals, supposed hauntedness, and, of course, the college the town revolves around: Ohio University.

Why it’s so cool?

Awesome folk and bluegrass music and Athens’ penchant for crazy block parties, including their epic Halloween bash that hosts tens of thousands of people.